Creating a High-Level, Advanced Product

What I like to see is a ten hour MP3 or video collection. I consider that every unmarried records marketer that has any commercial enterprise promoting courses in what they understand must be able to educate for 10 hours on their topic. If they can’t, they need to learn a few greater facts. I simply simply consider that. I understand that could sound to some humans harsh. But I actually believe that. Anybody that announces “I realize enough about some thing to teach you what I know” ought to be able to train for 10 hours. I simply in reality believe that deep down inside.

Does that imply you are disqualified in case you handiest have 5 hours’ really worth of training to your mind? No – but I definitely absolutely believe that in case you had been to report the ones five hours of education, you can come up with another set of questions to file the opposite 5 hours’ worth of training.

Literally, to file 10 hours takes 10 hours. It’s just a physics aspect. I’m focusing in this because a few people take 6 months to create their 10-hour application, and it actually simplest takes 10 hours. Now, there’s a few training time. And, I’m assuming that any person is aware of what they’re speakme approximately…

Literally, in 10 to 15 mins they should be able to create an define of what they may be going to educate for each hour. Each of the ten hours takes 10 to 15 mins of prep time, so permit’s call it 1/four of an hour for 10 hours, that is 2 half hours of prep time, plus 10 hours of recording. That means that it takes 12 half hours for someone to create an records product that may be bought for $297.

If someone have been to simplest paintings 1 hour a day for 12 half of days, they might have this executed in 12 half days. That’s against the ninety days or one hundred eighty days it takes the general public to get their first product created. Literally – 12 half of days. And that is handiest operating 1 hour a day!